Where else do you operate?

In addition to all Atlantic provinces, Moskowitz Capital lends in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Where do your funds come from?

Our funds come from private individuals who seek investments that preserve their capital while offering a superior risk-return. Learn more about our investment track record.

I’ve heard you have a regional focus in Atlantic Canada, is that correct?

We know our locations, real estate and people in Atlantic Canada. Moskowitz Capital is committed to responsiveness and professional decision making which distinguishes itself from other private and often temporary sources of capital found in Atlantic Canada. Moskowitz Capital delivers on its commitments, has capital on-hand, and operates a professional organization.

Contact us toll-free from Atlantic Canada: 1-866-841-5385

I have an investment question, where can I find an answer?

We have a dedicated FAQ just for investment questions.

How long have you been around?

Moskowitz Capital was founded in 2002.

Do you have any promotions for brokers?

Sign up to our mailing list on the home page to be kept up to date on our promotions or visit our News section to see our current promotions.

What type of rates/terms do you offer?

Read all of the details in our Loan Program.

What kinds of deals have you done?

We have completed over $150,000,000 in mortgage loans. For a sample of our deals, look through our gallery of our Deals Done.

How do I know if a deal is right for Moskowitz capital?

Check out our Loan Program, look through our gallery of our Deals Done or better yet, just give us a call.

Do we protect your broker fee?

You bet. Moskowitz Capital Management will honour a fee agreement executed by the broker and the borrower and fully protect the broker’s interest up to 3% of the loan amount. If you don’t have a fee agreement in place, don’t worry, we can assist.

Where can I find other Moskowitz Capital forms?
How to submit a deal to Moskowitz Capital?

Email us the below information to deals@moskowitzcapital.com:

  1. Standard broker or Moskowitz Capital Application Form
  2. Credit Report
  3. Any other information that can help support the deal and let us understand the details quicker (Examples: Financial statements, Rent Rolls, Building Plans, NOAs, Photos, MLS listings, Appraisals etc.)

It’s recommended that you call us to discuss the file after submitting the application.
Call us at 1 866 841 5385